Friday, March 25, 2011

New Rubidium master clock scores a perfect 10

Stanford Research have just launched their new Rubidium atomic master clock, the Perfection-10 for audio/video professionals.

Competing systems are usually designed around third-party off-the-shelf Rubidium clocks, whereas the core of the Perfection-10 is a proven ultra-stable rubidium oscillator specifically designed and manufactured by Stanford Research Systems. By designing and building the oscillator in-house, SRS are able to craft an instrument perfectly matched to the demanding requirements of audio master clocks, for an affordable price.

The Perf-10 has a great spec, check it out:
  • Atomic stability and accuracy
  • Eight 10MHz 75ohm outputs
  • ±0.05 ppb accuracy
  • 10 year ageing < 5ppb
  • Ultra-low phase noise: (<-155 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz)
  • Compatible with any device accepting a 10MHz input (including Antelope™ and dCS™ equipment)
  • Optional 12VDC redundant power input with automatic switchover
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