Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maestro Touch Screen Laser Power & Energy Monitor

Check out the new video of the Gentec Maestro in action.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Field Sales Engineer Vacancy

We are looking to recruit a Field Sales Engineer to join our Photonics Group, with specific responsibility for sales of laser systems and laser accessories from our well-rounded portfolio of respected suppliers. Building on existing business, the successful candidate will be expected to generate increased sales from both existing and new customers and spearhead growth of this important area of the company's business.

For more information, see the full press release

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Rubidium master clock scores a perfect 10

Stanford Research have just launched their new Rubidium atomic master clock, the Perfection-10 for audio/video professionals.

Competing systems are usually designed around third-party off-the-shelf Rubidium clocks, whereas the core of the Perfection-10 is a proven ultra-stable rubidium oscillator specifically designed and manufactured by Stanford Research Systems. By designing and building the oscillator in-house, SRS are able to craft an instrument perfectly matched to the demanding requirements of audio master clocks, for an affordable price.

The Perf-10 has a great spec, check it out:
  • Atomic stability and accuracy
  • Eight 10MHz 75ohm outputs
  • ±0.05 ppb accuracy
  • 10 year ageing < 5ppb
  • Ultra-low phase noise: (<-155 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz)
  • Compatible with any device accepting a 10MHz input (including Antelope™ and dCS™ equipment)
  • Optional 12VDC redundant power input with automatic switchover
For more information or a quote, get in touch

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

dynaFiZ Dynamic Metrology removes turbulence & vibration

If you're involved in optical metrology, you've probably come across problems with air turbulence and vibration. Trying to isolate your instrument, particularly if you are working in a noisy environment can be a time consuming task.

That's where the dynaFiZ from Zygo comes in. The dynaFiZ is a highly optimized optical instrument designed for use in noisy environments. Its high light efficiency optical system and high power HeNe laser source enable it to operate at high camera shutter speeds that "freeze" out vibration. This set up also allows it to provide real-time analysis of Zernike polynomials and a movie mode captures wavefront changes over time.

If you are interested in the dynaFiZ, check out the full dynaFiZ Dynamic Metrology press release for more details and contact information.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

MAESTRO: Touch Screen Laser Power & Energy Monitor

It's been a while in development, but we are proud to say it's finally here; the MAESTRO touch screen laser power & energy monitor.

We saw the MAESTRO in action at the Photonics West show and it's really impressive. The 5.6" full colour touch screen makes it really fast and easy to use and means you don't have to go ploughing through a whole bunch of menus and sub-menus to find the function you are looking for.

Another nice function is being able to show either single or dual graphs, along with the other display modes (power or energy digital, scope, needle and averaging). Click the link below for the latest updates and full specs